Is Shameless Losing its Hype?

Let me start off by saying this, I absolutely love Shameless! I’ve watched every single episode from season 1 through last Sunday’s episode of season 9. I’ve loved all of the unique storylines over the years and the characters on the show are top notch. Almost everything about Shameless is great, but there’s something I started to notice for a while now about the show. Even though I’m still a fan of the show I’ve been feeling some type of way about it ever since season 9 began last fall. Hell I’ll even go back to season 8 when I started feeling this way and I’ll explain why.

Now when season 8 began, I was loving every bit of it as usual. Each episode was great and I was always waiting for more. It wasn’t until the middle of the season was when I started to basically feel like the show was beginning to slowly lose its appeal. I can’t exactly pinpoint where I began to feel this way, but by the end of the season that’s when I started saying to myself that the show was lagging a little bit. When season 8 ended, some of the key characters were gone. As they departed I felt that the show had lost some of its unique storylines. Luckily we still have the top characters like Fiona, Frank, Lip, Debbie, Carl, Veronica and Kevin, etc. As we still have them, the storylines involving each characters was really lacking direction. I couldn’t tell if most of these characters would even make an impact on the show once season 9 approaches.

Finally we’ve reached season 9 and I, like tons of other fans, was excited about it. Regardless of how I felt after season 8 ended, I was still excited for the show. A good friend of mines who I talk to about the show almost daily tells me how he still watches the show, but he’s not as excited about it as he use to been. He tells me how the show somewhat lacks the comedy and storytelling that it once had and that he can’t seem to enjoy it as much anymore. Once he said that, I was in shock because I was beginning to feel the same way a little bit. We both have the same feelings about the current state of the show and it was crazy to think about.

Now as y’all remember last summer, Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher) announced that she’s departing from the show after this season is done. That was a big blow to me and many other Shameless fans. No doubt that I wish her well in her future success, but once she made that announcement I couldn’t help but to think about the other co stars. Fiona is possibly the biggest character on that show and without her I don’t think the show will be that special anymore in my opinion. Like I said earlier, the storytelling from each character was lacking direction. Now imagne when Fiona is gone for good, how would anyone be invested anymore? I’m sure a lot of people have their favorites besides Fiona, but you gotta admit without her I don’t know how the other characters will handle themselves on the show.

Now that we’re in the middle of season 9, I will say that the show is really in the process of losing its hype. Some of the top characters are gone and this season is possibly Fiona’s last season period. Not to mention Ian is in prison and we probably won’t see him til the end of the season or maybe season 10 if the show gets approved for another one. If the show does get approved season 10, I don’t know if many fans will still be interested in it by then. I obviously can’t speak for everyone and I would like to know how you guys feel on this subject.

What do you guys think? Is Shameless losing its hype? Is the show losing its appeal? Do y’all think it’s still one of the best shows in modern television?

I absolutely still believe Shameless is one of the best shows in the modern world and will always love Shameless.


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