Europe has some of the most intriguing countries that I wanna visit one day. Most of them I’ve coveres in some of my blogs over the past few months and now it’s Switzerland’s turn! With a population of 8.42 million, this country is well known for their famous ski resorts, mountains, and of course their chocolates and cheese :). Besides those top things, this country has some interesting cities that I wanna explore and get to know more about.

The city of Basel is a very unique looking city if you ask me. I was analyzing Basel and this town just looks very interesting to me. The buildings have an old school visual vibe to it and the rivers look astonishing. The one building that stood out to me the most was the Basel Minster. This place is one of the main tourist attractions in the city of Basel. Showcasing red sandstone architecture and coloured roof tiles, this building is one you cannot miss if you ever visit Basel. I’ll try to keep that in mind for myself as well because this building looks fantastic. The Fine Arts Museum in Basel looks like a cool place to visit as well because of their unique art designs. Some of the art designs look plain, but has simple messages behind them. Even some of the most simple art designs can have some lasting effect on it.

Speaking of art, the city of Lucerne has some very amazing architectures that cannot be missed! Lucerne has some beautiful art in its town. Almost everywhere you look, you’ll see some kind of art. Art in its purest form! I definitely wanna see the Spreuer Bridge as there isn’t an actual art piece in sight, but the bridge itself is art of its own. Now a bridge that actually showcases art is the Chapel Bridge. This bridge in particular displays local art that features nice flowers, art paintings, and even a view of the lake nearby. That itself is art and this whole bridge would make you appreciate it even more. Lucerne is an art filled town and if you’re an artistic person, you’ll love this city very much.

Lastly, if you ever wanna go to Switzerland to visit the resorts or mountains, you need to visit Interlaken. Interlaken is a resort town that is located in the mountanious Bernese Oberland region of central Switzerland. This town looks astonishing and it honestly looks like a peaceful place to be in. The mountains in this town looks like heaven! So much grass, so much land, so much happiness! I would like to just smell the air in this town. It would probably smell totally fresh. This town is mainly for its mountain views and that’s all I can look at and be amazed. Places like this is where I would like to have a home in some day. Think about it; a home that’s surrounded by rivers and mountains. You wouldn’t want that? I’m definitely making this a goal of mine to visit Interlaken in the future no doubt.

Switzerland is yet another European country I can’t wait I to visit in the future. So much mountains, so much art, so much architectures! Definitely I’m adding this country to my radar of future traveling adventures and you guys should too! Adieu guys!