Movie Review: Bird Box

Talk about a movie that’s very unique. Today’s movie review will be on the Netflix movie, Bird Box!

This movie came out of the blue for me, just like a lot of people it seems. Literally, I found out about this movie on social media randomly. Tons of people were talking about it and really wasn’t giving much information on what this movie was about. Then of course the memes came out, which were funny I must say haha. After a day or two of seeing all these social media posts about Bird Box I finally decided to give the movie a chance and wanted to see what the hype was all about.

This movie stars Sandra Bullock, Sara Paulson, John Malkovich, Trevante Rhodes, Machine Gun Kelly, and many others. Any movie that features Sandra Bullock will almost guarantee some star studded acting and this movie did just that.

Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie, the protagonist of the movie. Malorie and her sister Jessica hears about mass suicides that’s going on throughout Europe and they were concerned about that ever happening where they lived. Malorie is also pregnant and one day while leaving the doctor’s office, Malorie notices a woman bashing her skull against a glass panel! As she looks in terror, the woman glances at Malorie, giving the audience a sign of what’s about to happen very shortly.

Malorie grabs Jessica and guns it to their vehicle. Instantly a huge scene occurs! People started crashing their vehicles, tons of cops arrive, citizens running for their lives, people driving like maniacs, just a huge outbreak took over. As Jessica is driving, her phone rings and as Malorie reaches for her phone, Jessica’s pupils began to grow bigger and that somehow causes her to start driving like a maniac as well. Malorie screams and begs Jessica to stop. Jessica is totally out of her mind at this point and then proceeds to crash her car, causing the car to flip over. Both sisters survive the crash and we then see tons of people continue to run for their lives. Malorie then sees her sister walk into traffic and stand in the middle of the of it. As Jessica stares at Malorie, she gets decapitated by an oncoming truck! Malorie’s struggling to run with the crowd, while also trying to figure out what the hell is going on, just like me and probably everyone else who was watching this movie.

Malorie finally finds a house that was full of civilians and one of them steps out of the house to help her. This woman who tries to help her glances into the air and notices a burning car. Her husband, who was in the house, is yelling at her to get back inside. This woman then proceeds to step into the burning car and burns to death. Malorie was finally able to get into the house with some assistance from Tom (played by Trevante).

Many people were inside this house and they were all survivors of this virus that’s been brought upon there town. No one knows what this virus is. No one knows how this virus occurred. All we know is that no one can look outside or else they’ll end up dead from suicide.

Fast forward later into the movie, Malorie, Tom, and a couple other survivors stop into a grocery store to find food. At this store, Malorie discovers birds in a cage. She takes them along as some kind of pets, but we later find out the significance of these birds. Later on, Malorie and another survivor Olympia give birth to their children. Olympia asked Malorie to take care of her newborn baby if anything were to happen to her in which Malorie reluctantly agreed to.

Fast forward into the movie a little more, Malorie and Tom are living together with the two children in a house they found. As they attempt to leave, a group of crazed survivors find them and attempt to kill them. Malorie blindfolds herself and the children, while Tom sacrifices himself and takes his blindfold off to kill the enemies. After the ordeal, Tom ended up killing himself since he after all exposed himself to the virus.

Now it’s just Malorie, the kids, and the box of birds. What I absolutely find hilarious about this movie is that Malorie didn’t even name the kids after they were born. I kid y’all not, throughout the movie the children’s names were simply “Boy” and “Girl”. That’s it. Boy and Girl. Every single time Malorie called them by those names, I laugh historically hahaha. She’s their guidance through the rest of the adventure they were on.

Now the birds. These birds were helpful to Malorie and the kids because they can sense danger. Anytime the birds sense danger, they panic and chirp like crazy. This gives Malorie the chance to prepare for anything that happens.

I’ll fast forward again but this time to the end. Malorie and the kids finally found another home full of survivors, as they would think they have. Turns out they found a school that consists of blind students. This was the one place where Malorie and the kids can finally take their blindfolds off and not worry about anything. They all felt safe and definitely were safe at this school. Malorie then finally gives these kids’ names: Olympia for the girl and Tom for the boy. Lastly, she releases the birds out of the box and happily ever after!

I’ll give this movie an 8.5/10. When it comes to drama and action, this movie delivered. I really liked those aspects of the movie. My issue with the movie was that we didn’t get any true explanation to what was the virus and what caused it. Also the fact the children didn’t have names til the very end of the movie but that’s a small problem hahaha. If y’all haven’t seen this movie yet, check it out on Netflix. It’s a good movie for sure.

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    Loses itself by the end, but before that, is quite intense. Nice review.

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