Winter Wonderland

This time of year has to be one of the most anticipated of any decade. Whenever the months of November and December come around, it gets people talking immediately. Yes they’re mostly talking about the holidays, but I’m mostly referring to something else that gets people excited, mainly kids. I’m talking about the sight of seeing crystal white flakes coming down from the sky. The sight of seeing the outdoors covered in tons of pasty white snow. I’m talking about the luxurious, Winter Wonderland.

I’ll start off by saying this, I HATE SNOW! Me personally, I can’t stand having to walk outside and continuously have to wipe the snow off my car, shoveling my driveway almost 24/7, not to mention constantly having snow in my eyes whenever the snow falls from the sky WHILE dealing with heavy wind. Also trying to get to work in this weather can be a complete pain in the butt. Now that I got my pet peeves about this weather out of the way, I’ll admit this weather isn’t all too bad.

I do enjoy seeing the children get excited about watching the snow fall. To be honest, I enjoy watching the snow fall too. Sitting at home with a cup of hot chocolate watching the snow fall especially at the night time I’ll say is one of the best views I enjoy seeing all year. It literally looks like an Winter Wonderland! There’s even pictures online other countries that also has snow and I’m amazed of how beautiful the views look over there with all of the snow they have.

Just take a look at these!:





There’s more examples out there but these specifically stuck out the most to me that would define an Winter Wonderland. These places look so magical! They legit look like you’re in another universe. If only I could experience these places in person would be awesome. I would feel like I’ve stepped foot into THE Winter Wonderland and would love every second of it.

In my opinion, Winter Wonderland should be a spectacle. It should be a place where you can escape reality for a bit and experience something that totally looks like a fantasy, but you’re seeing it in person. Like I said before I hate snow, but if there was a chance that I would visit places like the pics above I would take that chance in a heartbeat. Those places are an Winter Wonderland to me!