Dear Christmas…

Dear Christmas,

               I don’t know where to start on having to talk about how special you are to families across the nation. So many good things to say about you that would require a long list. I’m not gonna take all day to talk about how special you are to us, but all I am gonna say is a simple thank you.

Thank you for giving families all over the world a chance to spend good quality time with each other.

Thank you for spreading joy to everyone of all ages. No matter how old we are, we will always appreciate what you truly mean to us.

Thank you for having us believe in miracles. Almost anything positive that occurs around the holidays are through Christmas miracles. Christmas miracles sure do exists, it just happens at the least expected times.

Thank you for giving us love, happiness, and most of all spirit. I say spirit because the spirit of Christmas certainly provides joy to millions every year when the holidays come around. People out here get very excited about Christmas every year and it’s not hard to see why.

Most importantly, thank you for giving children across the world true happiness. Seeing how happy kids get whenever Christmas comes around always brings a smile to my face. Kids LOVE Christmas! That has to be one of the best characteristics of the holiday and I absolutely love it.

So many more things I could be thankful for Christmas. This definitely wasn’t much of a blog but more of an thank you note. Christmas is my favorite holiday and this thank you note proves exactly why. So I will sign this off with one last final message to this holiday: continue to bring Christmas miracles to everyone across the world for many more decades.

Thank You Christmas.