Grüß Sie! Next travel stop is the European country of Austria! I honestly haven’t thought about visiting Austria and I can’t figure out why. Austria looks like a nice country and now is the time I decided that I would want to visit this country as well. Looked into the cities and certain parts of the country and I was impressed with what I saw. Austria has some beautiful cities and just like every other country that I’ve talked about so far, I can’t wait to visit this country too in the future!

First place I’d check out is the town of Hallstatt. This place looks very unique and literally has the village feel about it. The whole town looks astonishing! They also have amazing views of the lake and even some pretty cool looking mountains. Speaking of mountains, one place I wanna go to is Treppe ins Nichts. Treppe ins Nichts allows you to travel up to high-altitude observation decks in order for you to enjoy incredible mountain views. Just look up pics of this place and you’ll be amazed. Another mountain view to enjoy is the Hoher Dachstein. This mountain is the second highest mountain in the Northern Limestone Alps. It’s also the eighth tallest Alpine peak! Standing on that mountain must feel like the greatest feeling ever. Now for the village feel, you gotta visit the Salt Mine. This place is an museum that features an underground slide and a salt-lake boat ride! This place just looks very peaceful to visit and I think people would learn so much culture just from the atmosphere alone.

Salzburg looks like a kingdom! This city is actually on the border of Germany and features views of the Eastern Alps. A very historic place to visit is the Mirabell Palace. This place features a big garden and hosts some weddings there too. The inside of this building definitely looks like you’re steeping into the kingdom of Austria! An interesting building to check out is the Hangar-7. This place features a collection of airplanes, helicopters, and race cars throughout the history of Austria. This place is very cool to see in person and here’s the best part; this place is owned by Red Bull founder  Dietrich Mateschit! The Hohensalzburg Fortress has to be on your radar if you ever choose to go to Austria one day. This place is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe! Not only will you get a great view of the surrounding nature, you’ll also get a view of almost the whole city of Salzburg!

Lastly, the capital of Austria, Vienna! This city’s legacy was established by the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud! Pretty incredible to even think about that. That means that so much history is behind this city. First place I’d check out is the Prater. This park actually features an amusement park and has a big ferris wheel! The ferris wheel was actually built back in 1897 and to read that the wheel is still around today is pretty amazing! The Belvedere features two Baroque palaces and is set in a Baroque park landscape in the third district of the city. This place also holds art from the Middle Ages to today, meaning they must have thousands of art, even more. Since I’m a big music guy and would listen to almost any genre, I would check out the Vienna State Opera. I’m usually not too big on opera music, but I would totally check this place out to hear some of Austria’s finest opera singers. Apparently this place is one of the best opera companies in the world and I would be honored to even step foot into that building!

Austria looks like a very awesome country to visit and even though I pretty much say that for almost every country, I truly mean it. So much to see there and so much to experience there as well.

Grüss Gott everyone!