Fake Smile

Ever had one of those days where you’re just feeling down, but don’t wanna show it out in public? Everyone has their bad days and that’s okay. Not every day is gonna be as good as would want it to be and that’s just something we gotta accept. Quite possibly one of the toughest things to do on your bad days is to put on a fake smile for the public.

Having to hide your true smile from the public is really difficult. Think about it; you’re at work or hanging out with friends and you’re just not feeling well, yet you continue to have a smile on your face knowing that you’re not happy at that moment. That’s not your real smile. I personally don’t like having to hide my real smile from the world because a smile can define one’s true personality. Seeing nice big smiles on people’s faces truly shows you how happy a person is. I’m sure if you’re smiling, that’s because you’re showing people that you’re happy. Would you want the world to see your true smile? I sure do. Putting on a fake smile just doesn’t feel right. Putting on a fake smile feels wrong. Putting on a fake smile just feels……toxic

A fake smile hides a person’s true emotions. Whenever you see someone with a smile on their face, you’re instantly gonna assume that person is happy, but in reality you can’t dictate how that person’s feeling inside. I would sure hope that person is happy but of course I wouldn’t truly know. I sometimes wish I can read people’s minds because I would like to know how they really feel inside, while trying not to be too nosey. I just would get a little eager to know if a person’s smile is genuine or not. If the smile is not genuine then I would at least try to find a way to make that person happy.

I personally feel the same way almost all the time. Now I’m usually a happy person and rarely have moments where I’m feeling depressed, but just like every other person in this world, I have days where I’m feeling down and the challenge I had to go through was putting a smile on my face when I’m clearly down. I can’t stand doing that. If I’m feeling down, I would like for people to see it because I don’t like to show off a phony smile. That’s just what I’m use to doing though. I honestly don’t have the guts to show my true emotions in public because a simple smile can cover it up. No one ever knows how I’m really feeling and most times I’m not that comfortable to just tell them because not much would ever come out of it. Sometimes showing off a phony smile will get you through some days but it definitely won’t get you through hard times.

If you’ve been sporting a fake smile to the public for any length of time, you gotta find the courage inside of you to bring happiness into your life. Find happiness and joy then sooner or later your true smile will come out, and that’ll be the best feeling in the world.