Disappearing can be one of the most frightening situations to ever be a part of. Going away, not turning back to say goodbye can cause any person to be in a frighten state. Knowing that you’re leaving everything in your life behind for any sort of reason can be the most difficult thing to do, but does it necessarily mean it’s a bad choice to make?

Hear me out on this one. Without a doubt, finding out that a loved one has disappeared can be one of the most scariest things to ever hear. Knowing that you might not see that person ever again can be very hard and sad to even think about. You have no idea why the person has vanished. You don’t know their motives, their reasoning, even their steps to their next destination. You do your absolute best to go out and find where the person has gone to. You’re yelling, screaming for your loved one’s name and yet you get no response. Then you start to ask yourself the two main questions: where and why?

Why would someone want to purposefully disappear?  Why would someone want to leave their lives behind in a snap of a finger? I look at it as their own answer to wanting to start a new life. I’m sure you guys hear people say almost all the time that they want to start a new life somewhere new. Hell, even I say that plenty of times. Many runaways feel that they need to just get away in order to start something new. Most times when a person disappears, you thankfully find out that they’re still alive but as a new person with a whole new identity. You yet again start to wonder why? Well here’s the thing: maybe that person wanted to get away because it was their only escape. The only answer a runaway could have to why they’ve disappeared was simply that, to run away.

Where would you go if you were to disappear on your own? Would you run off to your destined location? Would you go off to a whole new place entirely? A typical answer would be just to simply leave and find a fresh start. If you were to disappear in any way, shape, or form, you must figure out where you would go instantly. Can’t just simply run off with no direction. You gotta know where you’re going and how you’re gonna get there. Most importantly, leaving your loved ones a message is a must. Let them know that you’re alright and that you’re off to embark on a new mission and that’s to start a new life.

Disappearing isn’t the best decision in the world, but it’s not the worst decision in the world. You gotta have a good motive to do something that big. Leaving your loved ones behind can be the hardest thing to ever do, so always make sure you let them know of your new path. I’m honestly not trying to encourage anyone to straight up disappear, but if you ever do so, make sure it’s for the better and not the worst.