Mudvayne: L.D. 50

Mudvayne fans! Time to review one of the best albums of all time! This album sparked a huge break for Mudvayne as they were on the rise of being one of the biggest nu-metal bands of all time. They went in hard on this album and each track showed how much work they put into their music. Today’s album review will be on Mudvayne’s L.D. 50.

Released in August 2000, this was the band’s first official studio album under a record label. This album peaked at #85 on the Billboard 200 and #1 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart and received tons of praises for the uniqueness and technical sound of the album. Not hard to see why! I was aware of the band for a long time before I heard this album in full and I became a bigger fan of Mudvayne. This album from top to bottom defined nu-metal and the band rightfully deserves to be mentioned along the lines of top nu-metal bands such as Korn, Linkin Park, Slipknot, etc and that is because of this album alone.

This album featured 17 tracks including Dig, Prod, Severed, Everything and Nothing, Death Blooms, Cradle, -1, etc. If you were to ask me what’s my favorite song from this album I would have a hard time deciding the song. Each song has some powerful lyrics in them and also some hard hitting instrumentals that would make any metal fan go crazy. I would have to say Prod would be my absolute favorite from the album and that’s because of the uniqueness of the song. Now most albums I listen to would have both a favorite song of mine and a least favorite song, but on this specific album I really did not have a least favorite song. Prod’s my absolute favorite, but there are other songs as well that would be at the top of the list for me as well.

This album literally received a lot of praise for its technical sound and songwriting style. This album was definitely different and not many metal fans at that time have ever heard an album that was 100% unique. You have to listen to the album very closely just to hear what a lot of critics have heard and that’s the uniqueness of the album.

This album gets a 10/10 overall for me! This album is literally one of my favorite albums of all time and honestly a lot of Mudvayne fans would agree with me on that. This album brought Mudvayne to stardom and this album alone makes them one of the best nu-metal bands ever. Definitely listen to this album and you’ll become a fan of them right away!