Eminem: Kamikaze

This is an album review that I didn’t think I was gonna do but after finally listening to the whole thing, a review MUST be done! Without a doubt, this album has already gone down as one of my favorite albums of 2018. Today’s album review will be on Eminem’s newest release: Kamikaze.

This album was released exactly one week ago today on August 31st. This came out of nowhere! Literally over night, this album was released to the world and people were blindsided by it. Most people, if not everyone across the country, had already reviewed this album on the day it was released and I didn’t plan on doing this review until I actually heard the whole album myself. Now this album featured so much disses to current rappers of today’s generation. Eminem pretty much dropped a diss album if you want to put it that way. He had some much to say about current rappers including Migos, Lil Pump, Machine Gun Kelly, Lil Yachty, etc. Not only did this album featured so much disses, but he praised some many other current rappers today as well. He praised the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Hopsin, Logic, etc. This album had some much hits such as The Ringer, Fall, Lucky You, Nice Guy, Good Guy, Venom, and more.

My top three favorite songs off this album were Lucky You, Fall, and most definitely, The Ringer. Lucky You featured one of the hottest rappers today, Joyner Lucas. The collaboration between Eminem and Joyner was something I didn’t expect to be so good. They brought so much joy to the song and it proved to me that Joyner Lucas has a lot more to offer to the rap industry. Fall was a song that showed some emotion behind it to me. Everything from the beat to the harmony including Justin Vernon showed some type of emotion. This song mostly focused on the backlash Eminem got from his last album, “Revival”. To be honest, Revival wasn’t good. Eminem received so much criticism from that album and each comment had got to him. All that anger fueled up in his body from that criticism was shown in this song. You can hear it in his lyrics, he had enough of it. Now The Ringer. Oh boy! Eminem went IN on this song! This was the diss track that caught everyone by surprise, including the rap community. In this song, Eminem took shots at almost every single rapper today. Words can’t do a justice for this song. You have to go back and listen to this song in order to feel how I felt about it. Each verse will make you open your eyes big with great shock. Seriously, this song is THE song of the album.

This album featured so much good hits and each song had some sort of message behind them. Each song had nice flows in them and Eminem delivered some awesome punchlines that only Eminem himself can always do. If there’s one thing I can agree on about this album that everyone else has said, is that Slim Shady is back! Welcome back Shady! This album definitely gets an 10/10.