Next stop, Scotland! Scotland has always been an unique country that I want to visit. It’s unique to me because of their overall atmosphere of their wildernesses. Whenever I see pictures of wilderness in some of their cities, I just feel in awe. Not just their wildernesses but some of their ancient buildings look very cool to see. That’s why I chose the featured photo that’s presented for this blog. That photo perfectly expresses what I would love to see in person in the beautiful country of Scotland.

First place I would visit is the famous city of Glasgow. Now normally I would visit the biggest cities last, but for Scotland I would want to get the big cities out the way first then visit the nature aspect of the country last. Glasgow has some very artistic features within the city. The Riverside Museum would be a cool place to check out to see some modern art featuring historic vehicles and modern technology displays. This place sounds like it would feature art from current talented artists and that would be awesome to see. The Glasgow Necropolis is an interesting place to visit as well, especially because it’s a very famous cemetery. A minimum of 50,000 people have been buried here! On top of that, the tombstones look incredible! I’ve never seen so much top notch tombstones in my life and I really wanna check them out. I definitely want to visit the People’s Palace. A huge museum that displays a beautiful garden and collections of photos and prints of Glasgow over the years are something to look forward to seeing in person.

Edinburgh would be the next place I’d visit. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and judging by the Edinburgh Castle, I can see why this city’s the capital. Edinburgh Castle is a very historic castle that’s positioned on the Castle Rock. It’s the home of  Scotland’s famous crown jewels and even holds the Stone of Destiny. It looks like a beautiful place to visit and holds so much royalty to it. The Calton Hill looks awesome to see because it literally looks like you can see the city’s entire view just by standing on this hill. It also features a nice art gallery too so that’s something cool to see as well. One place in Edinburgh that I would love to visit is Arthur’s Seat. Arthur’s Seat is the peak of the groups of hills in Edinburgh. This hill features a huge mountain that I feel once I stand on it, I would feel like I’m at the top of the world. Seriously if anyone has been to Arthur’s Seat, I would like to know how’s the view from the top of that mountain.

Last place I would visit in the city of Inverness. This city brings me back to the point I made earlier about Scotland’s unique wildernesses. Inverness looks amazing and it’s the cultural capital of the Scottish Highlands. The two main places I would visit is the Inverness Castle and the Urquhart Castle. The Urquhart Castle has so much history behind each of its unique areas. The castle’s two biggest areas is the Nether Bailey and the Upper Bailey. Nether Bailey is the main focus of this castle and is the tallest portion of the castle, despite the southern wall collapsing in a storm in the early 18th century. Upper Bailey is the highest part of this castle and became the motte of the original castle built by the Durwards in the 13th century. The Inverness Castle is the top castle of the city. Oddly enough the castle itself isn’t open to the public, but it’s a good place to visit the surroundings of it. That’s where I would take the opportunity to visit the overall nature surrounding this castle. The land looks amazing and with a river nearby, would be a nice place to check out the view of the nature. This castle has some medieval history behind it as well. The castle is said to have been built by Máel Coluim III of Scotland, after he had razed to the ground the castle in which Macbeth of Scotland according to much later tradition, murdered Máel Coluim’s father Donnchad I of Scotland, and which stood on a hill around 1 km to the north-east. Then in 1428, James I summoned fifty clan chiefs to a parley at Inverness Castle. Talk about medieval.

Scotland is all about it’s nature and that’s a plus in my book. This country would be a recommended place to visit if you’re someone who’s into everything or anything wilderness. I can’t wait to visit Scotland in the future! Looking like a great country to explore.

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  1. Hope you get to go there sometime soon! Scotland is definitely on our list of countries to visit, hopefully we will get there before the end of the year.

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