Game Review: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Now this is a review that I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do! Not only is this my first game review, but I get to review one of my favorite video games of all time! Today’s review will be the on the PS2 classic: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!


Released on October 29, 2002, this game in my opinion became a huge milestone in the GTA series up to that point. Before this game came about, Grand Theft Auto III had already brought new heights to the series, then once Vice Cit came along that’s when the series got better. This game had almost everything that I love about any action-adventure game. This game had a good story, good gameplay, fast cars, even a good setting. The setting in this game just screams nostalgia all over it.

Vice City is GTA’s own equivalent city to Miami, Florida. Everything from cars to housings has that Miami feel to it. The biggest nostalgia of them all is the theme of this game. This game has been set to an 80s theme, more likely the year 1986. That’s just awesome to me especially the fact that I love the 80s, even though I wasn’t born yet around that time. The main character is a man named Tommy Vercetti. Tommy is the personification of an 1980s gangster if you ask me. He had style and a personality that just can’t match any other GTA characters. In the beginning of the game we find out some personal things about Tommy’s life that adds on to the uniqueness of his character. He’s a member of the Forelli Family and he had just served a fifteen year prison sentence. He was then sent to Vice City by his former boss Sonny Forelli as a caporegime and acts in a cocaine deal as Forelli’s buyer. Once Vercetti and his entourage arrived at a deal spot, he then realizes it was a set up and fled the scene as his entourage was gunned down. Ever since that incident, Tommy has been doing work for Sonny in order to pay him back all the money that was stolen. Day by day he meets new allies and then slowly starts to take over the drug scene in Vice City without including Sonny nor the Forelli Family in on it. Once Sonny realizes this, he begins to send members of his crew to forcefully collect his money from Tommy. Of course they all failed, so Sonny himself decides to visit Tommy. To back track here for a minute, one of Tommy’s biggest allies was a man by the name of Lance Vance. I really liked Lance Vance he was a really cool guy who stuck by Tommy through almost everything situation Tommy was going through throughout the game. He was the definition of a partner. Whenever you called him, he was there for ya. Even times when you didn’t called him, he would show up to help you kill anyone who needed to be dealt with. All of this was the case until Sonny visited Tommy, in order for Tommy to find out that Lance has betrayed him and aligned himself with Sonny. Angered by this betrayal, Tommy sets his sites on killing both Sonny and Lance and once his does this, he finally established himself as THE crime kingpin of Vice City. 


Along side the good storyline, this game has a very good gameplay. If you’re a person who loves action games then this game should be right at the top of the list for ya. You can run, jump, and drive any vehicles you want throughout the whole game. The melee attacks are pretty brutal too which is fun. The best of course is the option of weapons such as pistols, AKs, and even a minigun! There’s even MORE weapon options such as a machete, sword, knife, brass knuckles, etc. Along with body armor, you can raise as much hell in Vice City as you can. There’s minigames along the way you can do as well such as the fire fighter minigame or the taxi minigame.

The soundtrack in this game is simply GREAT! You got so much 80s artists such as Michael Jackson, Rick James, Blondie, Kim Wilde, and even bands such as Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Twisted Sister, Iron Maiden, Tesla, Quiet Riot, etc. If you’re a fan of 80s, then this game is a MUST for you to play if you haven’t already or hell just listen to the soundtrack on the game.


This game is one of my favorite video games of all time! To this day it’s still my all time favorite game from the GTA series. So many games have tried to duplicate Vice City and it simply can’t be done. Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a great game for generations past and current so if you haven’t ever played this game before, you HAVE to! This game easily gets a 10/10 rating from me! Long Live Vice City!