Bright Lights, Big Cities


The City Life! Bright lights, open views, big buildings but most of all, fun times. I actually enjoy the city life because it’s where you instantly feel like a big star, simply by walking through them. Even though it’s not all that great by any means, I mostly enjoy going to Downtown areas at night because that’s when you see the spectacular views of the city you’re in. I always enjoy it. The key words of this blog is what the title clearly states: Bright Lights, Big Cities.

I’m a fan of beautiful lights that are displayed across certain cities. It just always feels like I’m watching an outdoor show, no matter where I go. That’s one of the main reasons why I like Times Square in New York City, because there’s so much epic views of lights and attractions that it just looks great to me. Even cities in other countries such as Tokyo Japan and Manchester, England have so much attractions in their town that would be cool to see in person. I would some day like to visit Vegas just to see all the bright lights that place has some much. So much pomp, so much pageantry! 

Now on to the big cities! LA, New York, Miami, etc are some of the top cities that I’d love to visit. I just love seeing the sight of people hanging out and having a great time, especially when there’s a crowd of people with good vibes. Almost literally I enjoy going to Downtown just to see lots of people having fun and mostly out partying hahaha. I definitely want to visit the big 4 cities such as LA, New York, Miami, and Las Vegas. Besides them there’s actually other cities that don’t get talked about that much but does have value to them such as Philadelphia, New Orleans, Cleveland, Chicago, etc. I’m just a big city person and would go to any big city in the world in a heartbeat! 

Now this blog’s relatively short, but I didn’t want to wait to talk about this topic. The love of the bright lights and big cities will always be big in my heart! To many journeys of the big cities around the world in the foreseeable future, I’ll be there for sure!