Spain is my first destination for my future traveling adventure, as the great country of England will be my second destination! England is another country that I would love to visit in the near future. In my life so far I’ve actually met a select few of British people and each of them have been very nice and kind. I’ve heard a little bit of how things are in England and I must say the people in England seems like they’re laid back people and that’s awesome. They’re are a lot of places I would love to visit in England, along with some of the most famous cities in the country. 

The first place that I’d like to visit is the city of Oxford. One thing about Oxford that stood out to me was the amount of historical places they have there such as the Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, Pitt Rivers Museum, Sheldonian Theater, etc. I’m a fan of art and literature, do seeing these buildings is something that I’d love to see in person. Another building that I want to see is Tom Tower. That looks like a good place for tourists to check out the historical background. That place from the looks of it definitely has a beautiful garden and I could just look at that garden all day.

Another city I would love to visit is of course the great Manchester. Now I’m not a huge soccer fan, but soccer is a big sport over in England, especially with their team Manchester United. It’s because of that big impact soccer has in Manchester that I would definitely visit the National Football Museum. Soccer is known as real Football in the UK and I can definitely see why. Their team is very passionate about what they do and they big tons of fans together in order to celebrate a big win together and that’s what I love to see. The Lowry looks like a good place to visit if you’re a fan of art. I like seeing all kinds of art, so the Lowry would be another checklist for me. Theaters are a big part of the UK and that’s why I would also like to visit the Dancehouse. The theater does look small, but I would like to see the talent that’s being presented in the theater. Anything from plays to comedy shows to music performances, I’m sure the talent there would be great. Now I’ve never scene a cricket game before and that’s why I would visit the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. That place is infamous with some of the most historical cricket games in their history and it would be awesome to check it in person.

Lastly, I can’t leave out the capital of England, the city of London. How can one person go to England and NOT check out the most historical city in the world. London has a lot of historical events even dated back to the Roman times. The London Eye will be the first place I’d go to simply because of their iconic ferris wheel. That ride looks gigantic! Honestly that ferris wheel alone can make your whole day great. Speaking of iconic, walking along the Tower Bridge is a MUST. Crossing the River Thames close to the Towee of London, this bridge became an iconic symbol of London. Walking cross that bridge would be on my bucket list for sure. Trafalgar Square would be a great place to enjoy a simple day in the park with friends and family. From what I’ve read, that plaza features street performers, good choices of restaurants, lots of nice people, just a great place to be in. There’s plenty of things I’d like to do in London, but I most definitely have to visit Big Ben. Big Ben has a lot of history and the most historical thing about it is the infamous clock. Just looking at that clock is something in awe to see in person. I would even like to touch the clock (don’t ask why). Man that place has so much history that I just can’t look at in as a regular area. I would feel totally star struck, just from standing next to the big clock. 

I could go on and on about things to do in England and that could take up an entire day. I will definitely be knocking on its doors in the future when given the chance, and once I take that chance I would do my absolute best to travel up and down the country. From its cultural aspects to its historical aspects, England is one of the most famous countries in the world and I plan to be there in the near future, with the intentions to have the time of my life and so on!