Can Money Really Buy Happiness?


There’s an expression that people hear almost every single day and that expression is, “Money can’t buy happiness”. I for one actually believe that quote, but many other people don’t believe in it. There’s plenty of people out here who think that money can buy all sorts of happiness. All sorts of things in the world that make make a person’s life be so lavish. My question is can it really buy all sorts of happiness? Can money really be the answer to having a great life? This has to be discussed.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all NEED money in our lives. Without it, we wouldn’t have roofs over our heads, no foods on our tables, no clothes on our backs, no shoes on our feet, and so on and so on. My question though is can money really BUY happiness? This is something I’ve been wondering for years. Ever since I was a pre-teen, I’ve always wanted to know why does one person believe that they need billions upon billions of dollars just to be happy. I mean yes having billions of dollars seems like it would be awesome, but does that alone simplify that your life is complete just because you’re filthy rich? Here’s my thing; yes I would love to have a stacked bank account, but to me that’s not what I need in order to be happy in life. I know for sure that there’s people out there who’s living the rich life and yet behind closed doors, they feel some sort of depression. That’s just sad to even think about. You have all this success, all of this fortune, and yet you’re not happy with your life right now. I would not want to feel that way in any shape or form. That’s something I don’t understand personally and that always has left the very question in my head, “Can money really buy happiness?”.  Money is great to have, but it isn’t everything. There’s people out here who struggled almost their whole lives in order to have wealth and success. Once they reach that point in their lives, it’s an awesome moment to watch in awe, but then I begin to wonder if they’re truly happy because of what they had to do during their road to success in order to get where they are today. Many people had to go through really harsh things in there life in order to have all the money they want and they have to live with that for the rest of their lives. That makes you wonder at the end of the day, was it worth it? Are you truly happy now with having all this money in your pocket, knowing what you had to do in order to get it? 

Me personally, money definitely isn’t everything in life. Sure it’s awesome to have, but it isn’t everything. Sacrifices having to be made in order to have some sort of cash is not what having happiness in your life should be about. People shouldn’t have to do the unthinkable anytime they need money. People shouldn’t have to go through hard times simply because they have no sort of income and it really sucks seeing people in that condition. Once people start to get a lot of money, it can definitely go to their heads and things start to turn for the worst. I don’t like seeing that stuff at all. One does not have to have a lot of money in order to be happy to me. To me, what it takes to be happy in life is spreading positivity to each and every single person around you, to spread love and kindness to your peers, to show everyone that you have a good heart. The best part of those examples is that you can do all those things for FREE! No money needed. 

So what do you guys think? Can money REALLY buy happiness? Is money the key to living a perfect life? This is the type of subject that I always think about personally.


  1. Sean Richardson says:

    Man u hit on some great points , well said opinion, i truly believe sabing then spending makes u feel lije yve accomplished something positive. Great blog

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    1. Thanks I really appreciate the feedback and yes we believe the same thing!


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