Being A Virgo


What’s it like being a Virgo? What’s it like being part of what some would say is one of the best zodiac signs ever? Are Virgos truly loyal? Perfectionists? Kind? Hardworking? If I can answer that with one simple word, it’s yes. All of those traits accurately describes a Virgo to a ten. Each zodiac signs have characteristics. Each zodiac signs have characteristics that describes a person’s personality. People can look at these character traits and start to believe that Virgos don’t get enough recognition for being any bit of special to the world, and I must say they’re not wrong. For my personal experience, being a Virgo is awesome and wouldn’t change anything about myself. Of course, each zodiac has its pros and cons, especially Virgos. No matter what the pros and cons are, being a Virgo is the best thing in the world to me.

We’ll start off with the pros. Virgos are some of the most loyal people in the entire world. You’ll never meet a Virgo that’s not loyal and I’m not just saying that. Being a fellow Virgo myself, I’ve met some awesome people in my life that just so happens to be a Virgo themselves. Once you become friends with a Virgo, they’ll be your friend til the day you die. Virgos don’t just become your friend, they become your biggest supporter and hell if you befriend them deeply enough, they can become somewhat of a sibling to you. Another pro is that Virgos are some of the hardest working people ever. I love to work. I love putting myself through work in order to get where I want to be in life. Same can be said for almost all Virgos. Virgos can work all day and night and not even bother asking for help. Virgos like to create their own paths to great success, no matter how long the road to it will be. Working hard and smart are the top priorities for us Virgos. Without them, we would feel like we’ve wouldn’t accomplish anything. The biggest pro of all is that Virgos are the most caring people in the world. We love to care for one and other. We love to show people that they matter in this world. We love to see people succeed. We just CARE! Whenever someone’s feeling down, we would do what we can to bring them up. Virgos always show kindness to people and we don’t tolerate people not returning the favor. All we ask for is kindness in return, nothing more and nothing less. Once we get that from a person, everything’s all positive from that point. 

Now with pros, there’s always cons along with them as well. I’ll be completely honest with the cons because those cons represent me as well. One of the main cons of being a Virgo is that we overthink things almost all the time. I hate overthinking things on subjects that are so simple to understand. For one I always think about what my future would look like and sometimes I would get frustrated because I put too much thought into something that’s unpredictable. Virgos have a tendency to do that. Another con is shyness. Now I will say not all Virgos are shy, but a good majority of them (including me) can have a shyness to them that can interfere with communications in their lives. I’ll be honest I hate being shy because I do enjoy talking to people whenever I get the chance to. Don’t get me wrong though, being shy is not all that bad because you can actually have your own space when it comes to being alone. Being shy can be a problem because you tend to talk to people then your shyness takes over and you’ll start to feel like crap. Virogs have their moments when they get comfortable around people they enjoy being around and then you can’t shut them up haha. Overall, being shy has its negatives and that’s one on the biggest problems a Virgo can have. In my honest opinion, the biggest con of being a Virgo is self criticism. Like I said in the beginning, Virgos are perfectionists. Whenever we work on something, we want to make sure it’s 100% correct or else we’ll lose our minds. Virgos are not easy people to satisfy I can tell you that for sure. Hell sometimes we can’t even satisfy ourselves and that’s when self criticism takes over. Whenever we criticize ourselves, we start to believe whether or not we’re good enough. I hate that feeling. Of course I believe anybody’s good enough for perfection as long as they put their minds to it. Whenever Virgos fail, at anything, we start to criticize ourselves like no other. I honestly believe that’s something we can’t help and it’s unhealthy for any person to deal with. We can’t be perfect all the time and that’s something all Virgos must understand. The more we self criticize, the more we’re bringing ourselves down and that CAN’T happen.

No matter the good and bad of being a Virgo, I will always love being a Virgo. I wouldn’t want to be anything else but a Virgo. I love the overall uniqueness of being a Virgo. We’re different and proud of it!