One thing about me that not a lot of people know is that I LOVE traveling! Anytime I’m on a plane, I always get this adrenaline rush going through my body and I’m always set on traveling to different places around the world. This blog will be dedicated to the very first place I would love to visit in the world, Spain! 

       Anytime I get asked to name a vacation spot or any place I would love to travel to, my answer has always been Spain. There’s just something about that place that always gets me motivated to travel the world. I first got interested in Spain when I was in elementary school (can’t remember what grade) and I read a book about the country. I think the book was about the world overall, but Spain was the first country I saw and I was hooked ever since. Going there has been one of my dream goals and still is to this day. Now I don’t necessarily have an exact town that I would like to visit there and I’m open to checking out any place in Spain. 

         Now there are some locations that I would love to check out such as Park Guell, Costa Del Sol, and most definitely the town of Ibiza. Park Guell is definitely a place to check out if you’re a fan of beautiful gardens and artistic buildings. I remember seeing galleries of the place and man I definitely would love to go there in the future. If you’re a fan of beautiful beaches, then you’ll love to go to Costa Del Sol. I got hooked to that place mainly because of the overall atmosphere of it. The beaches and ocean views alone are a sight to see. Lastly, Ibiza is a MUST for me to check out! I’m a party type of guy myself, so definitely Ibiza is where I would love to be especially because of the party scene there. The place seems like of a great time to be at.

       I could go on and on about Spain and how I would love to visit there. Hell I wouldn’t even mind living there for a short period of time if ever given the chance. If anybody reading this are from the country of Spain, I would greatly appreciate feedback on your country and everything about it. Spain is the first stop of many countries and continents I plan on visiting in the future!