Vans Warped Tour



Vans Warped Tour. Man what exactly can I say about it? How exactly can I describe one of the most passionate cross country tours that ever existed in just one word? In one sentence? In one freaking paragraph? Well that’s what this blog will be about as I will talk about the overall experience, including my own experience, of the event and what it’s brought to fans all across the country.

Vans Warped Tour first arrived in 1995 and year by year the event has delivered some of the most fun, exciting performances in music history. Now I can’t talk about the early years much because I was a child during those times, but from what I heard from past stories the tour has always brought excitement to its fans. I was fifteen when I first heard about Warped Tour and since then I’ve always wanted to attend the event. That opportunity came just about a year later in 2013 when I was sixteen and my brother bought our first Warped Tour tickets. We were so excited to go and the lineup for that year’s event was actually not a bad one either. Once we got there, we couldn’t be even more happier. Bands such as Bless The Fall, Attila, Like Mouths to Flames, I See Stars, and etc all gave us the time of our lives. Haven’t been back to the event since 2013 and I still to this day cherish the memories of that day, but that would change this year.

Earlier this year I found out that this year’s Warped Tour would end up being the last ever. I was literally in shock. Even though I haven’t been there in a couple years I couldn’t believe that the event was closing its doors. Once I found that out, I promised myself I was going right away. Got my tickets just two weeks before the event and I felt the same excitement I originally had back in 2013. To celebrate the history of the event, I went back and watched some early performances from past shows. Seeing fans come together and rock out side by side is one of the things about Warped Tour, or any concert for that matter, that I love to see. Fans from all over the country having fun is what makes a tour feel special and Warped Tour did just that.

Yesterday I went to the event and it was just as great as I first went to years ago. I saw a lot of cool people there and also met some great people. We each promised ourselves that we had to go to this show as soon as we heard that it’s the last one ever. I saw some mostly newer bands that I haven’t seen before and they each torn the house down! Overall, I had a great time and was honored to be there one final time.

I’ve been to two Warped Tour events and they’ve both gave me happiness. Same goes for every single person who’s been there over the best 2 decades! It really sucks to see the tour go, but man they’ve cemented themselves in history as one of the best cross country tours of this generation. They went out with a bang and they’ll always be remembered by each and every single one of their fans.

Goodbye Vans Warped Tour. It’s been real with you guys.