Stone Temple Pilots: No.4


    Welcome to my first album review! We’re starting off with a very under-rated album from one of my favorite bands, Stone Temple Pilots. This is their fourth studio album, “No.4” , released in October of 1999. This album to me has an overall chill effect that can relax anyone who’s a fan of soft, laid back music that they can just kick back and listen to. Being a fan of STP, I expected nothing less than great on this album and as usual they delivered. This album featured 12 tracks, including the likes of Sour Girl, Atlanta, Down, Sex & Violence, I Got You, etc.

      My favorite track on the album without a doubt is Sour Girl. That song to me has the top 3 categories of a chill song: peace, love, and rehabilitation. If anyone is ever in need of a song to listen to after a long ass day at work, school, or overall a bad day then that song is perfect to listen to. I can’t get enough of it at all!

    My second favorite track is I Got You. Again, another song that has a chill factor to it. One thing about that song I really love are the vocals of Scott Weiland. That man can definitely sing his heart out. Honestly, that’s one of the top main reasons why this was an amazing album, Scott’s vocals.

I would give this album a 4.5/5 star rating. The ONLY take away from this album in my opinion is that even though I like almost all of the songs, I wasn’t too keen on them being so soft with the rock songs. Don’t get me wrong the album was great, but with the rock songs on there I wasn’t totally satisfied. Also I wasn’t much of a fan of the album cover simply because it’s a little too plain, but that’s a tiny issue I have with it that’s all.

If you’re aren’t a fan of Stone Temple Pilots and need a recommended album to check out, this is the album to listen to!