I gotta say it right here and right now, I LOVE TRAVELING! Now I’ve only traveled a select few of times, but each time I always love them. There’s just something about traveling that gets me extremely excited! I honestly can’t pin-point on a single reason for my love of traveling, because I have a ton of reasons why I love traveling. For starters, the joys of being on an airplane. I’ve been on a couple of airplanes and each time they’ve always been a pleasure. I’ve only been to some states such as Arizona, New York, and my dream state Florida, but my main goal is to travel out of the country to several other continents. Another reason is meeting new people from other countries. Over the past couple of years whenever I traveled, I got the chance to meet some of the most nicest people from other countries and it’s very cool to talk to them about their own cultures and how they live their lives. Probably the most important reason why I love to travel is because I would love to see many many new places around the world! I will be sharing with you guys some of the main places I would love to visit in the foreseeable future!


  1. Sean Richardson says:

    Traveling is awesome. And its been a pleasure traveling with u


    1. Same to you! Many more to come too


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