One of the main reasons I created this website was to do some of my own reviews of some of my favorite entertainment activities such movies, video games, etc. I do enjoy seeing reviews of such things because I like to see people’s inputs on those kinds of things. My reviews would be 100% honest. Whenever I see a movie and it wasn’t so good, that’s exactly what I would say. If I play a video game and the gameplay wasn’t that good, that’s exactly what I would say. Don’t wanna hold back anything from anyone because that in my opinion would be such a cop-out. With all the great movies coming out on the horizon, I can’t wait to share some reviews with you guys. I can for sure promise you guys on reviews this fall for the new releases of Halloween and Creed II. Those two movies in general are some of the most anticipated movies I’ve ever want to see. As for video games, soon there will be reviews for games such as Madden ’19, God of War, Detroit Becomes Human, and most definitely The Last of Us Part 2! So much reviews will be on the way and I can’t wait to share them with you all!