Music is one of the most important aspects in my life, let alone everyone’s life. Music can be used for many methods whether it’s something positive or negative. For the positive route, music can be used for a person’s personal well-being. Whenever someone is feeling down or just not in the right state of mind, music can be used as their own little kind of medicine in order to make themselves feel better again. I’ve seen many cases where friends of mine weren’t feeling so well and I would try to make it up to them by suggesting them some good music and once they get around to it, they tell me that I’ve made them feel better with the music I suggested them. Other examples include seeing people dance, bobbing their heads, having smiles on their faces, etc. Now THAT is what I like to see, how music can impact a person’s life. There’s not much negative aspects involving music. From a negative standpoint, music has been used for encouragement in people’s criminal activities such as robberies, murders, etc. There’s people out here who use music as a scapegoat for their crimes and yet they don’t blame themselves for their actions. I don’t like negatively vibes so I won’t say much else on that subject of matter. The number one thing I love about music is seeing people around the globe, all cultures, all races, come together to sing their favorite songs together. I love going to concerts and seeing every single person in the event having fun together. Seeing a certain artist bring people together to enjoy their own time of need is an amazing atmosphere to be in. I love almost all times of music and I wanna talk about some of my favorite genres of music. Hopefully you guys would have the same taste in music as I do :).