Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen

Hello everyone! My name is Shane Richardson and welcome to my Blog! On this website you’ll see a whole bunch of my personal blogging topics such as music, traveling, reviews, etc. I’ve always wanted to showcase my inner thoughts to the world and creating this website was a big first step for me. I’d like to take this time to tell you all a little about myself.

       I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on August 30th, 1996. I’ve always been a happy, fun- loving person ever since I was a kid. As I’ve gotten older, I became more of an introverted guy. There are moments where I would love to go out with friends and have fun, but there are also times where I would just keep to myself and do things on my own. I always enjoy writing and photography. When it comes to photography I mostly enjoy taking pics of nature especially the summer time where you see nice green grass, animals running around, ocean waves, and most importantly the sunshine. When it comes to writing I can’t get enough of it. My biggest strength in writing is coming up with my own ideas. It’s not that easy as it sounds, but once I have an idea in my mind I can write about it in a flash.

     I don’t have too much to say about my life honestly because I’ve lived a pretty basic lifestyle. My childhood was pretty normal. I grew up with some amazing friends, went to good schools, pretty much anything you can imagine for any normal kid. Creating this website can be a step in the future for me to have a better life for myself. I wanna use this platform to help further my dream of becoming a Travel Journalist. I just love to travel and to write about my experiences wherever I go, in order to share with you guys and plenty of others. Hopefully this site will give you guys some entertainment and pure joy as to what I bring to the table.

     Lastly, feel free to write comments about anything! I would love to have some discussions with you guys on anything. Therefore, I hope you guys enjoy my website and enjoy every future content I will bring to you whenever I can!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton