Are You Ugly?

Are you ugly? No.. Are you a loser? No.. Are you a failure? No.. Are you lame? No.. Are you helpless? No.. Are you down and out? No.. If you ever question yourself like this on the daily, the simple answer is NO! Stop feeling this way about yourself. It’s very unhealthy for you and … More Are You Ugly?


Be independent. Be strong. Be brave. Be proud. Show your stuff to anyone who doesn’t seem to understand your character. Be yourself. Be YOU. Don’t depend on anyone else to showcase your independence. You’re the independent. You’re the independent leader. Be a leader for many generations to come.

Our Legacy Within

We all want to leave a legacy behind after we perish from this earth. It’s inevitable. You know how we can do that? Through our children. Your youngins are your legacies within. Children shine a bright light in our lives. We create our legacy, our children will carry them on. That’s why it’s important that … More Our Legacy Within

Self Criticism

It’s okay to have self criticism. You can criticize your own work if you feel like it’s not up to par. You can criticize your own craft. Self criticism helps with your determination to reach success. Honestly, it’s great to be your own critic. Yes you can ask others for opinions on your work and … More Self Criticism


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Oh, I apologize. I just had to let that out. Held that in for so long. So much crap, so much intolerable things have been happening and I couldn’t just hold in my rage forever. I try to be positive, I really do, but man it’s such a big relief to let out a … More Shout